Sunday, May 2, 2010

What is MCFD Trying to Hide?

BC Association of Social Workers
For Immediate Release

May 1, 2010


“The BC Liberals have worked over the past eight years to make government more open and accountable, and take decisive action towards real democratic reform.” - BC Liberals

Through the introduction of Bill 24-2006 the BC government has introduced amendments to the Representative for Children and Youth Act that will restrict the Representative in accessing cabinet documents which are necessary to monitor and assess how the BC government is meeting its mandate toward the children and youth of BC.

The fact that these legislative changes are retroactive to the creation of the Representative’s office, and were hidden within the bill which contained 200 amendments to miscellaneous laws, speaks to the profound lack of transparency, openness and accountability with which the BC government is operating. The introduction of these amendments can only be seen as attempts to undermine and diminish the legislative authority and power of the Representative in holding the BC government accountable for its action and inaction that contribute to the continuing and rapid deterioration of the child welfare and social service systems of care in BC.

There is enough evidence to demonstrate that MCFD is often failing to meet even its most basic legislative mandate – to protect children and youth. The attrition of frontline social workers continues unabated. The government has failed to act on previous recommendations of the Representative.

How are the interests of children, youth and families being served by creating a veil of secrecy around accessing information about how the leadership of MCFD is operating and what changes they are planning?

Whose interests are being served by cutting the Representative off at the knees in fulfilling the mandate of her office – assessing and reporting on how MCFD and other Ministries are fulfilling their legislated mandates toward the children and youth of BC?

It’s time for the leadership of MCFD to be reminded that their first and most important commitment is to serving the interests and needs of BC’s children and youth in the most accountable, transparent and ethical way. There is still time for the BC government to meet its own goal of building the best system of support in Canada for children with special needs and those who are at risk. BC’s children and youth deserve the absolute best that we have to offer.

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mcfd said...

there is MORE than enough evidence that too many MCFD workers are stepping out and ruining families and typically only protect the first person to make a complaint rather than propperly investigating and determining what is in the best interest of the child.

typically mcfd workers are VERY quick to falsely accuse and jump on the bandwagon of discrimination.

the most disgusting, though, is the blatant lies they tell to protect themselves, and the fabricating of evidence.

why are there no consequences? and why are they able to remain in their positions are destroy peoples lives?

no matter which office you look in, there is a serious pattern within MCFD, and it needs to be addressed before our children are destroyed and left too traumatized to be healthy members of society.

who will they be accountable to? many MCFD workers say they are above the law. I have heard it with my own ears. they cant keep playing god.

theres a problem. it needs to be fixed. period. no matter what the cost.


The Ministry for children and Families has removed to many children based on child protection concerns, were only allegations. Thousands of mother's and families are suffering and the Ministry for Children and Families keeps placing children in foster care and under their gardianship when these children could be with their families or grandparents we need to take a stand on this issue but the only way we can make MCFD accountable is gettting enough families from Surrey BC to share there story and work to gether to fight MCFD including british Columbia because we build a strong network this way so if you haven't told your story yet you can on facebook MCFD Injustice or Lisa Arlin we need to build a better future for our children and families have been suffering long enough!

Unknown said...

MCFD is an absolute rotten onion without doubt. They have an overwhelming form of entitlement in their behavior with regards to OUR CHILDREN.

Secrecy and the welfare of children are not compatible it is a playground for evil.

My quest for truth has met with a repetive saying "the system is not perfect" I disagree it is at the utmost perfection in the design of which it was made to empower government without accountability.

It is up to decent caring people to ban together and demand answers and access in order to save our children we need to be their eyes and ears.

Private said...

MCFD must stop ruining families based on false allegations and a mother or fathers past. If anyone reads this don't ever agree to a physc evaluation, they have there own and they always return a negative result for the parents. Michelle Hopkind kamloops

Lisa Arlin said...

In a recent court appeal decision June 22 2012 it was concluded that the Ministry for children and families is using child protection to shield them selves from litigation. The cout of appeal case was Ray Harrison vs the Director Bruce MCniell from the Surrey BC office the MCFD HAS BEEN EXPOSED! So from this COURT OF APPEAL DECISION the court of appeal has decided the province owes the people a duty to ensure their personal inforation is to be used in a way that would directly effect that person and this does apply to child protection cases and concerns made about you already now the MCFD has to ensure information is accurate and if they aren't they will be charged accordingly it is about time mcfd are made accountable! Im on facebook Lisa Arlin or MCFD injustice on facebook