Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Child Welfare System Getting Throttled: Will that Help?

Lots of action over MCFD this week - leaked reports, complaints about foster homes, contracted resources, expenses outweighing budgets and inflation. Just another day in the broken child welfare system.

B.C. Children's Ministry report reveals 'chaos,' NDP says
Canadian Press. CBC News. February 24, 2009.

Support for children in care lags, again

Les Leyne, Times Colonist. February 25, 2009

Representative for Children & Youth

February 23, 2009

Kids, Crime and Care: Youth Justice Experiences and Outcomes.

A major B.C. study released today shows that although children and youth in care are at higher risk of becoming involved with the youth justice system, early interventions targeted at risk factors can change the paths of these vulnerable adolescents. The study is a joint project of the Representative for Children and Youth, and the Provincial Health Officer.

To view the report, click here.
To view the news release, click here.
A backgrounder can be found here.

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