Monday, March 9, 2009

Crime Pays & It Comes with All the Bells & Whistles

Bang bang bang. The shots are ringing out around Metro Vancouver as the little boyz take each out and the pie pieces get bigger. People wonder why, wonder how do people end up in this life. I've known people from many walks of life and different paths. The reasons aren't really too hard to understand.

Money. Fast life. All the best toys. Good dope. And bling. And hot chicks who like dangerous men.
It's easier & way more fun than flippin' burgers. You think you are your own boss.
You don't do so hot in school, little support to help you stay there. What's a high school dropout to do? Oh yeah, start moving things around. Become the man in the middle. Then the man, but rarely THE MAN.
Maybe had a relative in the biz, hey, it's easy money.
Get VIP-ed, go to the best clubs and drink the finest drinks and smoke the smoothest smoke while the hottest girls dance.
Feeling Alive. Livin' Large & in Charge.
People better Fear You, You have the power to Destroy them.
It's great until your bro's start dying. And the fear follows you every day. And depression.
Wondering when your time is up, but push those thoughts away, time to hit the club and party forever.

I found it incredibly ironic when a man behind bars, who grew up in the life, told me that these young ones were different. He told me they could have a$1 million and they'd still pull an armed robbery, for the fun of it. They can't ever have enough. No rules.

Former gang member attracted to power, adrenaline of gang life
CBC News.


"You wanted to fit in with the people and the gang, and you drew off their energy," she said. "Drugs and alcohol pumped us up, and you just did what you were told to do, and sometimes, you wanted to show the other gang members that you could be that tough."

The appeal was only magnified, said Jenn, by the cash she accumulated and the ability she had to pay for anything she wanted, including fancy cars and jewelry.

So far, there have been 32 confirmed shootings in Metro Vancouver this year.

VIDEO: A LM woman talks to Ian Hanomansing about quitting gang lifestyle (Runs: 21:30)

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