Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's the Real Story?

Colour me cynical, I have to wonder why the RCMP waited 4 days until this all came out to release this story and have it go big? Hmmmm. It would be extremely distasteful and potentially harmful to try to create a media event out of a child and family's life... to deflect attention away from other VERY pertinent matters.

Langley, Surrey - Baby Boy Apprehended during Search
RCMP 'E' Division Media Release. 2009-08-11.

Baby Seized from 'Disgusting' Home full of Transients, Drug Paraphrenalia
The Province. August 11 2009.

Seized baby has good parents: family
CBC News. August 11 2009.

2010 Games ahead of domestic violence help?
CKNW. 8/11/2009.

Days after learning at least three services offered by Family Services of Greater Vancouver will lose funding from the provincial government, the executive director of the non-profit organization is wondering if social services are taking a back seat to the upcoming 2010 Olympics.

Teri Nicholas says programs like New Westminister's Domestic Violence Response Team are being cancelled at a time the government offers civil servants paid time off to volunteer at the games, "Is a woman's life worth $44,000? Because the women we are working with and helping are, many of them, in life-threatening situations.

On Monday, Dix released a Vancouver Coastal Health document outlining plans to cancel more than 6,000 surgeries and close at least 13 operating rooms before March.

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