Saturday, May 15, 2010

Representative for Children & Youth Wins in Court: What's the Truth about CIHR & the Extended Family Program

As well she should have won. This is an interesting case, it gives us a window into how legal games are played, how tax payer funds are used in the pursuit of certain failure to protect the government at the expense and cost of the public interest.

I thank the Representative for her forthright pursuit of her mandate and the best interests of BC's children & youth and the public good. I hope that the other "Independent" officers take a page from this book.


Premier Gordon Campbell not above the Law, Watchdog Lawyer argues over release of Cabinet Documents
Lindsay Kines,
May 14, 2010.Victoria Times Colonist.


BC Children's Rep Wins Court Decision
CBC News. May 14 2010

Before initiating the lawsuit, the government had asked Turpel-Lafond to sign a protocol agreement that would have permitted her to view the documents, but gave the government control over their use.

The cabinet documents Turpel-Lafond sought were related to the government's Children in the Home of a Relative program.


The Honourable Madam Justice S. Griffin's Legal Decision

In conclusion, I make the following orders:

1. A declaration that that the respondents the MCFD and Office of the Premier have failed to comply with their statutory duty under s. 10(3) of the RCYA to provide the petitioner with the Cabinet submission(s) associated with the CIHR program and its replacement by the Extended Family Program as announced by the MCFD on March 1, 2010 and as requested by the petitioner in her March 5, 2010 letter to the MCFD and in her April 22, 2010 letter to the Office of the Premier;

2. An order in the nature of mandamus compelling the personal respondents to direct the MCFD and the Office of the Premier to comply with the legal duty to provide to the petitioner the Cabinet submission(s) referred to in paragraph 1 forthwith.

Documents must be turned over to childen's watchdog
Lindsay Kines, May 15, 2010. Victoria Times Colonist.

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