Friday, June 10, 2016

Women and the NDP: Gender inequality institutionalized within the party

Women and the NDP

Young, T. (June 10, 2016). National Post. Retrieved from:
Cheri DiNovo, an Ontario NDP MPP, has raised an important issue about internal policies, processes and governance in the New Democratic Party. How did the NDP get so far from its roots of social democracy, it has created a party where only the most privileged can throw their hats into the ring for the leadership of the party?
Tommy Douglas would be disgusted to learn only those who can pay the required $30,000 fee can run to head the party that arose out of his populist movement — and think this is as shameful as progressive voters like me.
This kind of policy entrenches and institutionalizes structural inequality in a party that should be fighting against this for all. It is a well-known fact female candidates are at a financial disadvantage when compared to male candidates. It is also more difficult for them to raise the kind of election funds men do, which has led to a disappointing lack of gender equality in politics in Canada. This kind of unfair and inequitable policy doesn’t help as it embeds sexism and gender inequality and discrimination in the only socially democratic party in Canada.
Tracey Young, Vancouver.

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